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Erosion Control in North Carolina

Erosion Control

When land is disturbed at a construction site, the erosion rate accelerates dramatically. Since ground cover on an undisturbed site protects the surface, removal of that cover increases the site's susceptibility to erosion. Disturbed land may have an erosion rate 1,000 times greater than the pre-construction rate. Even though construction requires that land be disturbed and left bare for periods of time, proper planning and use of control measures can reduce the impact of man-induced accelerated erosion.

The major problem associated with erosion on a construction site is the movement of soil off the site and its impact on water quality. Millions of tons of sediment are generated annually by the construction industry in the United States. The rate of erosion on a construction site varies with site conditions and soil types but is typically 100 to 200 tons per acre and may be as high as 500 tons per acre. In N.C., 15% to 32% of eroded soil is transported to valuable water resources (SCS, 1977).

Identifying erosion problems at the planning stage and noting highly erodible areas, helps in selecting effective erosion control practices and estimating storage volumes for sediment traps and basins. Buena Vista Landscaping and Irrigation can help you with the prevention of sedimentation problems associated with water-generated soil erosion.

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